Where are the cats?
Age 18
Affilitations Balamb Garden
Specialization Gunner
Club Discipline Committee
Weapon Dual guns
Favored Para-Magic Indirect Magic

Usagi is the only child of a rich family who owns the Snowfall Oil Co. which gets their oil from the northernmost of the Trabia region. She's a transfer student from Galbadia Garden, only having been at Balamb for a short time so far. She's on the shorter side of average for height, and tends to wear some rather fancy outfits when she's not in uniform or out shooting things. She can typically be found around the dorms, in the Training Center, or out in the field whenever there's no hot dogs left in the cafeteria.

Personality Edit

Due to her background, Usagi is still a little naive, but seems to learn rather quickly. She's mildly shy, but not to a crippling degree. She doesn't talk about her family or how she got to be a Garden student, at least not with just anyone. She's generally lighthearted but is prone to easily falling into pessimism when things don't go her way. She generally prefers to do the right thing, but gets caught up in rules and technicalities rather easily.

The things she enjoys most are: Target practice in the Training Center, tea parties, and cats.

Character History Edit

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Relationships Edit

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  • Usagi is rather fond of cats, and has been trying to sneak one into her dorm ever since enrolling.
  • She won't speak to you about her family at length, or in-depth. In fact, she won't say much about them except for confirming that they exist, if one should ask if there's any relation between her last name and the name of the popular oil company.
  • Usagi and Torri share the same boob size, apparently.
  • She has a rather unexpected temper when certain buttons are pushed, and triggerhappy tendencies usually ensue. What these buttons are, is a mystery, and it's gotten her into quite a lot of trouble in the past, as one might expect.