So, why are we back on the scene again?

It was simply due to a bunch of people, who got back together nearly two years later for a reunion tour when opportunity was given to one of them, who then got on the fog horn to re-find the people who enjoyed and helped the sim, regardless of past grievances.

There were many problems in the past, but there was also a lot of fun as exampled in the pictures below.

Many people missed the community,

The RP,

The experience,

The familiar buildings made by dedicated builders.

The people in mariachi hats dancing around when the sky was falling.

The Team working on the RP right now is hoping strongly to bring an enjoyable experience to new and old players alike, so thanks for visiting and we hope you stick around for future shenanigans and fun!

Old PicturesEdit

Snapshot 007
Snapshot 008
Snapshot 009
Snapshot 002
Snapshot 003
Snapshot 004
Snapshot 018
Snapshot 015
Snapshot 005
Snapshot 016
Snapshot 019
Snapshot 006
Snapshot 020
Snapshot 021
Snapshot 022
Snapshot 055
Snapshot 056
Snapshot 058
Snapshot 023
Snapshot 012
Snapshot 26
Snapshot 27
Snapshot 001