Tasked with stocking and maintaining the library, they manage the day to day affairs and also pass on any requests for literature to the Garden staff to make sure that people can find whatever reading material they may require in the Garden's library.

( Contact Frostie Flora for information. )

Committee Leader HistoryEdit

First Chairman: Unknown Male Unknown title and unknown how long it was held.

Chairman 17 Years Prior: Ekiri Tsen Title held for Two years until five months after her SeeD Graduation.

Latest Former Chairman : Melody Anderson Title held from five years prior until 17/06 (2013)

Current Chairman: Vyta Rezan Title held from 17/06(2013) to present day.

Current EventsEdit

A layer of gloom hangs over the Library Committee, even as they go about their day to day activities.

Three months ago with little notice a former beloved Library Chairman left,

Leaving many confused and trying to find out what happened, one person could have sworn she made up something about going off to be a five star chef.

But nearly everyone in the know was certain it was because of the relationship between the former Library Committee Chairman and the Disciplinary Committee Chairman, it wasn't exactly hidden that they were dating with butterflies and hearts practically floating off them and the Former Library Chairman was absolutely infatuated with the stoic aristocratic jerk much to slight chagrin from her comrades.

But her sudden disappearance only raised more suspicion onto the Disciplinary Chairman, and overwhelming distrust to those who liked the former Library chairman. some people even believe that the old library chairman is just being held hostage in Cace Tribble's dorm room.

As of the start of the week (17/6/2013) A new chairman was selected by the garden, since faculty believed it was a bit spoiled to try and wait for the old chairman to return even three months later, a girl who transferred from Trabia a few years ago that went by the name Vyta Rezan replaced the old chairman.

A tiny scrawny thing with messy dark brown hair and a love of ribs, was a less than ideal replacement, but she had a hell of a lot of enthusiasm to make up for it. which was probably what the faculty was hoping for to jolt the Library Committee out of it's gloom.

Committee RelationsEdit

Disciplinary Committee: STRAINED/DIFFICULT

Bestiary Committee: NEUTRAL

Garden Festival Committee: NEUTRAL


✦ The library Committee is host to many out of character nicknames, such as:

The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Committee,

The Facepalm Committee,

The Soccer Field Meeting Committee,

The Ninja Committee

The Supermodel Committee

The Hottie Committee

The Awkward Uncomfortable Situations Committee (Also known as AUS Committee)

The Self-Distructive Committee

And the Dweeb Committee.