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This is the informational wiki for Second Life's "Final Fantasy VIII RP", This wiki contains information on sim events, characters, instructors, classes, and is generally an informational page for all things related to the sim, locations, and otherwise.

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Main Info

Revival Mission Statement - We're back? of course we are!

Roleplay Management - The Team behind all the fine workings of the FF8 RP and how to contact them.

Sim Information - Information pertaining to the sim itself, including SLURLs!

RP Guidelines

World Events - Important! The state of the world is explained in detail here.

Roleplaying Guidelines - Be sure to read them for helpful tips on a variety of things in the RP.

Battling - Everything to do with how to participate in RP combat is located here.

Student Information

Balamb Garden - Where students become SeeD!

Classes - See what thrilling things you will learn upon enrolling in Balamb Garden. Transfer students from Trabia are also welcomed.

Balamb Garden Committees - Various clubs for socialization and

Student Regulations - Read them, or break them at your own risk.

The Character Pages

Character Template - Make your own character page.

Making a character page - contains instructions with pictures.

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