Classes are typically announced ahead of time, so you know when and where to be. Here's a list of our current classes and the instructors in charge of them!

  • Phys Ed - Carol Xuanlu ( Ed Yoshiro )
  • Melee Skills Ovan James Indou ( Vashel Tremor )
  • Ranged SkillsChristian Ravenshaw ( Ecroier Zsun )
  • Para-MagicTechition Benoit ( Techition Resident )
  • Combat TacticsNanashi Sagara Everwinter Brody )

Substitutes handle classes when main instructors aren't available.

  • [SUB] Para-Magic - Ashalia Ravenshaw-Oshiro ( Pheobe Belgar )
  • [SUB] Para-Magic - Alcott Maedel ( Chiu Kimono )
  • General SubstituteYuge Oshiro ( Yuge Recreant )

Of course, elective classes are available as well.

  • First Aid - Ashalia Ravenshaw-Oshiro ( Pheobe Belgar )
  • Music - Omegan Kensoume ( Omegey Sabra )

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